Saturday, July 21, 2007

Solidarity Works at El Dorado Irrigation

This posting is in response to a comment left by “Anonymous” on 7/20 @ 10:37 am

To those being derogatory about the association and others expressing their concerns. This blame game banter only downgrades our blog's credibility, especially to those looking from the outside, like the Grand Jury.

Don't take the bait and fall into management's trap because this is exactly what they want and it's the type of confusion Ane and her management 'team' thrive on.

We need to stay focused and on point. Just state facts as we've experienced or have seen others experience. Try not to get caught up in emotion. Simply disregard and 'weed' out suspect comments, as Setoda has been heard to say, "Employees are like weeds..."

Remember that "SOLIDARITY WORKS" when everyone sticks together and works as "ONE TEAM" opposing another. Just as Ane and her team of expert manipulators are doing.

I have to take a moment to apologize for my last posting and to thank you for reminding me as to why I originally started this blog. To the best of my ability I try to keep my emotions out of my postings, but sometimes it doesn’t work.

I was looking forward to the BBQ, but when I found out that the same management staff that I have watched day-in and day-out demoralize and personally attacked good and hard working employees was invited to this BBQ I became very annoyed. For the most part I believe in our Association and the work they do. Without them many employees would be in a far worse situation than what they are in right now.

So, once again, thank you for reminding me of what is important and for getting me back on track.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

EID Association BBQ & Campout

This weekend is the Associations annual BBQ and campout. For most of us this should be a time to get together outside of work and enjoy a fun day in the sun with our fellow coworkers and family. But to tell you the truth I’m torn about going.

Part of me still believes in our Association and their ability to protect us from the likes of Ane Shyster, Michele Whiner, Mary Lynn Charlatan, Deanne Klepto/Drunko, Tsuami Vicki, and Steve Setoodeh/Stupido. But the other part of me questions their true intentions and wonders if they should be doing more.

We have all wondered if our Association spends more time worrying about their own jobs instead of worrying about the collective group of employees they are elected to represent. I understand that it is difficult to protect your own careers and livelihood at the same time as trying to represent an employee that management has decided to target. I also realize that as board members you take a lot of your own personal time helping Association members. In no way do I want to discredit those few that have worked hard and truly have the best of intentions. But I have to wonder…

How did it happen that management felt they are strong enough to put a whole department on Administrative Leave without some type of recourse from the Association?

How can Management continually violate our MOU without some type of legal action?

How can you knowingly be aware of illegal actions and abuse of rate payer funds and do nothing about it?

And most of all; how is it that each and every day a large portion of us go to work in an environment that is hostile and threatening and nothing is done? No lawsuit, no Labor Board action, no complaints to the Board of Directors, nothing!

Granted, some of the things that Management has tried to do to a represented employee have been overturned or limited to a smaller punishment that is unfightable, and this has to do with the work of Joe Roes and a few of the Association Board members. But in this employees opinion it’s time for the Association to stop playing defense and to start playing some offense. Team up with the Tax Payers Association, start talking with the Grand Jury, start your own investigation on the allegations made from postings on this blog. Do something other than throw a BBQ and Campout that you have invited Management to and expect everything to be okay.