Sunday, April 29, 2007

I’m a bit confused

I’m a bit confused and need some clarification. One of the “Anonymous” comments stated that prior to the current management EID never recognized its employees for their hard work. Anonymous also posted a link to the website showing the 40 employee that recently received special reorganization. My confusion comes from the fact that I was told that one of the managers pictured is the same manager who just recently put a whole department on administrative leave costing the rate payers of EID thousands of dollars? If needlessly spending rate payer money qualifies you for special reorganization than our General Manger should get top awards for her hiring of Mike Dugan and Mark Korkowski.

Don’t get me wrong, many of those employees who are pictured are hard working and dedicated employees and truly deserve to be applauded for their achievements. But to be recognized along with someone who sounds like they’ve spent rate payers money so recklessly is a bit of an insult to the other people pictured.

Side note: Just so the record is clear. I did not enlist anyone’s help from within EID to acquire the addresses used to send out postcards. I would not put another employee in jeopardy for the sake of promoting this blog.

Friday, April 27, 2007

A Question to Answer

For those of you that have taken the time to post a comment I would like to thank you. For those of you that haven’t I completely understand, and hope that in the weeks and months to come you will feel comfortable enough to respond and let your voices be heard.

To the person that said that management isn’t the problem with EID, but that the lack of communication is the problem I would like to argue one point. As an employee who do you feel is responsible for the lack in communication if not management? I have always been taught that the leader of a team sets the tone and atmosphere for his/her group. If a leader can not communicate with their team, and there is a break down in that team, than the leader needs to take responsibility for it and correct that problem. To date I have yet to see this happen.

While I will admit that a few things in the current regime have been positive for the rate payers and employees of the District, I wonder if the cost of those improvements has been worth it. Every day I get to work with coworkers that I truly respect and admire for their work ethics and their dedication to their jobs. But every day I also see these same people beaten down, falsely accused and belittled for going their jobs. Not because they are unskilled, but because they have values and morels that will not allow them to bend for a management style that is archaic and dishonest.

To the wife of the EID employee: Let your husband know that he is not alone in his feelings. There are many of us out here who spend more time in our work day trying to remove the “targets” off our back, or trying not to get one, than we do actually doing the jobs that the rate payers of this District hired us to do.

Before I sign off let me leave you with one question:
Do you believe that we have seen the worse and things will get better at EID, or will the current environment of retribution continue?